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All of BATx’s services are purpose-designed according to our client’s needs,

ensuring maximum efficiency and reliability.

Back-up Power

Second-life batteries designed for supporting critical infrastructures or commercial and residential users against regular power-outages from their grid provider.


Storage services aimed at assisting solar and wind energy production. Cost-effectively storing surplus production for subsequent use.

Diagnostics for
EV distributors

Battery diagnoses for assessments on state of health, usage practices and warranty claims.

Our Accomplishments

Winner of the 2019 “Plan semilla” (seed-funding program) hosted by ISA, Colombia’s biggest utility with presence in all of Latin America.

First battery deployed for market distribution (2020). Developed in association with ERCO Energía, an allied company specialized in solar energy systems.

EAFIT University’s “Iniciativas empresariales EAFIT” startup program finalist (2019).

EAFIT University’s “Iniciativas empresariales EAFIT” startup program finalist (2019).

PCT Patent claim approval by the Spanish patent office (2020).

Awarded contract (2019) to develop a diagnostics machine for lithium ion batteries for Celsia, one of the biggest utilities in Colombia. This contract gave us the resources necessary means to file for a patent, finalize the research and development of our batteries and prove the viability of our method in the market.

About us

BATx provides reliable Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) solutions entirely based on a circular chain of production. We are the first Latin American startup to reuse Li-ion batteries recovered from everyday uses (such as electric devices and EVs) and re purpose them for medium and large-scale energy storage and back up. Once the batteries have been discarded by their original users, we preform health diagnostics on each of the cells that compose the battery and re assemble them according to our client’s energy needs. The entire service is monitored through IoT, ensuring maximum efficiency.

We are committed to providing new approaches to the lack of affordable and sustainable energy storage solutions available on the market, as well as the over exploitation of Lithium and amounting waste produced by single destination batteries.

We are able to provide solutions for a wide variety of industries that rely on constant and uninterrupted energy supplies, or consumers looking to find reliability not offered by their grid provider. Our aim is to become key players in the improvement of renewable energies by providing storage and distribution systems for peak productions that are much needed in order to increase the large-scale use of renewables over fossil fuels.

Commitment on sustainability

At BATx, a sustainable future is our guiding light. We are determined to be at the forefront of the technological renovation that will lead to a responsible, carbon-neutral era of energy services.

We relieve the environmental pressures of exploitation of natural resources for battery production by applying a 0-mining policy by sourcing all of our Lithium from prior users.

Our entire operation is based around principles of circular economy which close the loop on battery production. We commit on employing all of our technical capabilities to innovate on production methods that reduce waste production and properly dispose of all materials employed.  

SDG's we help to accomplish

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Our team

Alejandro Camargo

Team leader. Physics Engineer specialized in li-ion battery design and treatment. Inventor of the diagnostics machines and process employed by BATx.

Pablo Castellanos

Head of marketing, law and regulation. Lawyer and Political Scientist experienced in research and implementation of Sustainable Development projects.

Esteban García

Head of research and development. Physics engineer, MSc and PhD in material development for li-ion battery cathodes with over 13 years of experience in li-ion battery research.

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