Power Grid

Our rechargeable backup battery, one of a kind in the Latin American market, allows you to maintain electric power services even when there are energy cuts due to any fault presented by the operator.

Behind-the-meter batteries ideal for powering basic appliances and services for residential uses, or equipment and machinery for industry.

Its simple scalability features allow you to increase autonomy by connecting another battery, providing virtually unlimited autonomy.

Sustainable Solution

Sustainable battery, made from discarded and recovered cells

Secured final disposition for each recovered battery.

Avoid fossil fuels and outdated machines in your backup

SDGs to which we contribute

Made-to-measure solution

We use our standardized modular platform, to
provide you with tailor-made solutions. For you to get the
battery you need, not the one that’s merely available.

Our systems are optimized to provide
autonomy of between 2 and 8 hours.

Success Stories

Security for your Power Supply


This electronic device is responsible for controlling the
battery to operate within its optimum conditions,
prolonging its use cycle and protecting the battery from any
failure that might occur.

Fuses in each cell

This passive safety device permanently disconnects each cell that presents problems in its operation. Ensuring continuity and safety in the operation of the battery.

Steel housing

This electrical installation certified enclosure, made of 18 gauge cold-rolled steel protects your battery from any hazard, including impacts.

Warranty and post-sale services.

Each of our batteries comes with a standard 3-year warranty.

In addition, we have a specialized laboratory and workshop to make repairs if necessary.


Once your battery reaches the end of its lifecycle we will replace the worn components within for a lower cost than a new battery. This way you will receive a new battery, maintaining our commitment to sustainability.

Remote Monitoring (Coming Soon)

We are developing a remote monitoring system for our batteries.

Using the latest in IoT we can monitor the status of each cell in your system, ensuring that it operates properly, performing remote maintenance and prolonging the life of your battery.